5 Back-to-School Shopping Tips for a Successful Start to the Year

School will be back in session before you know it, meaning there will be supplies to buy, new clothes to try, backpacks to fill and Box Tops to clip. The National Retail Federation predicts that in 2017, total back-to-school shopping for families with elementary through high school students will gross $29.5 billion in sales – a more than 8 percent increase over 2016. While the task of back-to-school shopping may seem daunting, our five tips can help you and your kids gather all the necessary supplies with ease and start the school year on a high note.

  • Start early – Don’t get caught scouring empty store shelves the night before the first day of school. Take stock of what supplies are already at home or what can be reused from last year and begin creating a list of everything needed for the new school year. Once the class supply list is available, shop for essential items right away. For everything else, wait to shop until September when retailers are likely to mark-down supplies even further.
  • Spend on quality – Spending more money for higher quality items will actually help you save in the long run. Items like gym shoes or backpacks get a lot of use, so it’s smart to invest a little more upfront than to have to replace them when the cheaper versions wear out. In the same way, don’t reach for the cheapest copy paper, which will give you poor print quality and headaches from all the jamming. Instead, investing just a little more in quality paper with a 99.99% jam free guarantee – like Boise® X-9® Multi-Use Copy paper or Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper – will give you peace-of-mind that reports and school projects won’t be delayed because of cheap paper.
  • Look for deals and rewards – Develop a clear idea on how much you can spend and keep an eye out for bargains. Get your kids involved by talking to them about what is available to be spent, and help them understand the difference between “need-to-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” Then, look for back-to-school sales throughout August. Local stores and online retailers use deep discounts to get your attention, so make sure you’re checking multiple outlets for the best deals.
  • Buy double duty supplies – When you’re shopping for your child’s school supplies, think about which may work for your home office or work space as well. Notebooks, pens, binders and even markers may come in handy for your work projects. And colored paper is always useful for announcements, bulletins, invitations, signs, forms and manuals – Boise® FIREWORX® Premium Multi-Use Colored paper comes in 22 attention-grabbing colors that will guarantee both work projects and school work stand out.
  • Stock up on Box Tops – Helping your local school is easy all year with the Box Tops for Education program. Look for products with the Box Tops logo prominently displayed and use the Box Tops Bonus App to access Bonus Box Tops at retailers near you. Since 2011, Boise Paper has contributed nearly $11 million to U.S. schools and remains the exclusive office product partner of Box Tops for Education. Families can support students and local schools by clipping Box Tops from select Boise Paper products, including reams of Boise X-9 and Boise POLARIS paper. This small action adds up to millions of dollars every year that K-8 schools use to purchase supplies, sports and music equipment, new technology and more!

Following our five tips can simplify back-to-school shopping and give the whole family a stress-free start to the new school year. Happy shopping!