Helping the community is a great way to help employees feel more connected and productive. Printer-for-Recycled-Paper-Sign-thbHere are some ways that can help you make sure your office isn’t just working hard – it’s contributing to the communities where you live, work and play.

  • Support Students – Many office supply brands, including Boise Paper, participate in Box Tops for Education™. When your office buys products that have Box Top labels, you can hand them out to employees for their children’s schools. Offices also often use the same types of supplies that many schools need. Consider donating extra or unused office supplies to local schools once a quarter. This list from Zealous Good provides ideas of where you can donate supplies in your local community.
  • Recycle Smarter – Make sure your office is a good steward of the environment by making recycling bins prominent and letting everyone know where they are located. When choosing paper for your office, opt for recycled paper that is made from sustainable forests or that gives back to the community. Boise Paper has partnered with the Alliance for Community Trees to participate in Project UP™, an initiative that helps turn abandoned urban areas into parks.
  • Double Your Paper Life – Printing is a fact of life in an office setting, so if eliminating sheets of paper from your office routine isn’t possible, make an effort to print smarter. Designate one printer in the office for internal documents and load it with reused copy paper, such as drafts or outdated materials. Printing on both sides of documents will double the life of your paper before you toss it in the recycling bin.
  • Socialize for a Good Cause – Promote team building among employees while also giving back. Instead of a cocktail hour this month, consider coordinating a volunteer outing to paint a school, pick up trash or train for a spring charity race.
  • Help a Charity – Let your office activities and purchases work a little harder for the community. Consider collecting soda tabs in the kitchen to donate to the Ronald McDonald House or purchasing cartons of Boise Paper to support American Red Cross initiatives. Boise Paper is an Annual Disaster Giving Program sponsor, so your paper purchase will go towards relief work throughout the country.

Adding these simple measures into your office’s routine can ensure that the work you are already doing benefits the environment and positively impacts your local community, too.