Before You Go: Travel Hacks for a Smoother Business Trip

Business travel can be grueling, even for the most experienced road warrior. While some travel issues are inevitable, a little preparation can help avoid common bumps along the road. As you pack for your next trip, use these three #TravelHacks to ensure a more success trip before even walking out the front door.

Ship In Advance – Between your actual luggage, laptop and essentials, you have enough to haul without stacks of presentations and office materials weighing you down. Instead, aim to complete materials several days early so that you can print at the office and then ship directly to the hotel or meeting site. Remember, if a meeting is worth traveling for, chances are, your standard printer paper won’t do. Bright, high-quality paper like Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper is ideal for client presentations, reports and proposals where, look and feel are important.

Supply Yourself – Hotel and conference business centers can be hit-or-miss, so create a travel kit of emergency supplies for any last-minute preparation and curveballs. For instance, double-sided tape can be a lifesaver at trade shows and events to secure or repair display items, and materials like scissors, shipping labels and packing tape can help you avoid long lines at the shipping center. For efficiency, create and print copies of a general supply checklist you can use for all travel, and as you prepare for a specific trip, check off the items that make sense to bring. Beyond obvious items like markers, pens and tape, items such as lint rollers, antibacterial hand gel and adhesive bandages come in handy in a pinch and help keep you looking and feeling your best.

Prepare with Paper Backup – Storing travel information and mobile boarding passes on your phone is convenient, but experiencing connectivity issues or low battery power when you need to access them can create unnecessary stress. Likewise, it’s easy to misfile confirmation numbers, or accidently pull up information from a previous trip. Instead, print out all your travel-related documents on copy paper, and keep them in a folder in your carry-on bag. Example documents include boarding passes, directions to and from the airport, and rental car and hotel confirmation information. To save time and avoid clutter, arrange documents in the order you need them, and then dispose and recycle them as you go.