Jerel Merida has been a member of the Boise Paper family for 18 years and is currently a recycle specialist II at our Jackson, AL mill. He’s next up to be featured in our Personality Profiles, read on to learn more about his years with Boise Paper!

Jerel Merida
  • What are some of your responsibilities at Boise Paper?

At the Jackson mill I am responsible for making sure that the recycled pulp meets quality standards for the paper machines.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Boise Paper?

I enjoy working with my coworkers to produce a quality product and learning new techniques about the recycle process.

  • Why is Boise Paper’s role in the community important to you?

Boise Paper’s role in community is important because many of the employees are from the surrounding communities. Our dedication gives the people in the community a positive view of the mill.

  • Tell us about your proudest or most memorable moment at work. 

I’m proud to have the ability to work at Boise Paper, also participating with the Quad Team at Recycle and receiving a thank you card.

  • What is a must-visit spot in town?

The Cajun Grille serves an American meal that's enjoyable to all.

  • What do you like to do outside of work?

Besides hunting and fishing, I spend quality time with my family and church.

  • Is there anything else special about your Boise Paper story?

While working at Boise Paper, I have had the opportunity to explore my educational skills. Although I am an operator, I was a member of the Quad Team, and we used to visit local businesses and schools, explaining the paper making and recycle process.

Thanks to Jerel for sharing his thoughts with us this week, and don’t forget to check out our other employee Personality Profiles.