Rick Lenz

As a 28-year Boise Paper veteran, Rick Lenz understands the needs of our customers extremely well. Read on to learn more about Rick’s experiences as a supply chain leader at our Vancouver, Washington paper office.

  • What are some of your responsibilities at Boise Paper?

I work directly with Office Depot and its key stakeholders in inventory management, transportation, distribution, forecasting, merchandising, and sales.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Boise Paper?

It has to be the people and the relationships established over 28 years. When I mention to friends/acquaintances/customers that I have been with Boise Paper that long, almost all react with a surprised look, as a long tenure is rare these days.

  • Boise Paper is known for having “Quality You Can Trust.” What does this mean to you?

When people hear “Quality,” many will think first of the physical quality of our products, which is excellent. For me, it’s the quality of the people I work with day in and day out. There is a long list of names (both current employees and those that once called Boise Paper home) that have helped me become a portion of that “quality you can trust”.

  • Tell us about your proudest or most memorable moment at work.

My proudest moments at work have always been when current and past Boise Paper employees have spoken highly of Gerry Lenz, my late father and Boise Paper general sales manager. It really makes me appreciate what an impact we have on one another, and how that carries forward through generations.

  • What is a must-visit spot in the Pacific Northwest?

There are so many areas to see/visit in the Pacific Northwest. I am partial to Central Oregon (Bend area). Sunny, drier, good skiing/mountain biking, and a few good places to grab a post activity micro-brew (or two).

  • Anything else special about your Boise Paper story?

Met the love of my life at the Chicago regional support center while working in operations. Enough said!

Thanks to Rick for sharing his Boise Paper memories this week, and don’t forget to check out our other employee Personality Profiles.