With 29 years of experience at Boise Paper under her belt, Valerie Creagh, an environmental coordinator at the Jackson, Alabama mill, is our next employee to be featured in our Personality Profiles. Read on to learn more about Valerie’s experiences at Boise Paper.

Valerie Creagh
  • What are some of your responsibilities at Boise Paper?

At the present time, I am working in a special project role. My responsibilities include testing pulp for strength quality, as well as providing some safety training and offering ISO Quality support for the J1 Paper Machine and Environmental.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Boise Paper?

I enjoy working with people and learning new ideas. There is an opportunity to interact with everyone, including vendors, entry level employees and management personnel. Given that, I realize how everyone contributes to the successful outcome of this mill.

  • Why is Boise Paper’s role in the community important to you?

Boise Paper’s role in community involvement is vital because it is one of the largest employers in the area. As a result, the company offers resources to support the city and various organizations. In addition, it gives the community a positive view of the company.

  • Boise Paper is known for having “Quality You Can Trust.” What does this mean to you?

The Boise Paper team goes above and beyond the quality standard to ensure that the customer receives the requested product. Additionally, Boise Paper believes that if the customer continuously receives the best product, there is longevity in providing service. In other words, without a doubt, Boise Paper knows that it provides “Quality You Can Trust.”

  • What is a must-visit spot in Jackson?

Basically, family, work and church consume the majority of my time. However, when weather permits, I enjoy the great outdoors in the south. Actually, visiting the water springs along the countryside provide a sense of calmness, and the water is healthy and tasty.

  • Is there anything else special about your Boise Paper story?

Boise Paper has afforded me the chance to utilize my education in an industrial setting. Along with operation experiences, I have worked in capacities that have allowed me to train and provide some leadership skills. As a result, those opportunities have enabled me to serve in other capacities outside of the Boise Paper community.

Thanks to Valerie for allowing us to feature her this week, and don’t forget to check out our other employee Personality Profiles.