Some of the best advocates you will have in your career will be your current colleagues. Knowing more about your colleagues and supervisors will improve how you work with them now, and build relationships with them for the years to come. Read below for our three tips on internal networking that can help you #ClimbtheLadder and set yourself up for career growth.

Show Interest – Showing your colleagues and supervisors that you care about their lives, hobbies and interests can help build trust and cooperation. This step will also help you recognize work styles and preferences. Learn what aspects of your job your supervisor values the most, and be sure to perform these roles with extra attention to quality.

Look Both Ways – Most people concentrate on networking “up” in their company by building a rapport with someone at a higher level, but it's also smart to connect with peers and more junior colleagues, as you never know where they will end up and how they might be able to help you one day.

Share Your Expertise – Networking is about building relationships, not asking for favors. As you #ClimbtheLadder, be sure to look for opportunities to help your colleagues succeed. If you have some free time, lend a hand to your coworker who’s been assigned a big project with a tight deadline or offer to teach your desk neighbor a skill that you’re proficient in, such as social media or photo editing. While you may not necessarily need to ask them for a favor in return right away, the people you help will certainly be more apt to help you if and when you need to call on them in the future. 

By taking advantage of the opportunities to network within your organization, you’ll build lasting relationships that can be beneficial to you for years to come.