The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to step back, reflect and reset your goals for the year to come. In partnership with Emily Meithner, CEO and founder of FindSpark, we hosted a Twitter Chat to discover the tips, insight and questions working professionals have to look brilliant in the workplace.

If you missed out on the chat, you’re in luck! Here are some of the best tips from the #LookBrilliant2019 Twitter Chat. Use these tidbits to make your next career move or brush up in your current role!

Network, Network, Network

  • Educate yourself, be with people you admire professionally, stay positive, network and keep hustling. Takes time to build, so be out there! – @ericdimonte
  • Start with informal networking (networking happy hours, FindSpark events, etc.) and build from there. Bring simple business cards (think Moo, VistaPrint, etc.). Talk with folks there, don't act desperate, and make sure you're keeping up with industry news. – @crimsong19
  • Build, cultivate and utilize your network of contacts. HAVE FUN. Balance is key. – @KMSieminski

Be Proactive

  • Know what you want and ask for what you want, the worst thing is that someone says no. But more often, they say why not, yes. Don't assume that it will be a no. – @nithyaruff
  • Communicate with your manager that you want to advance in the company and understand what path you need to make to ensure you get a promotion. – @leebee653

Keep a Current Résumé

  • Having an up-to-date resume and @LinkedIn profile helps. Knowing the latest trends in your industry also helps. – @RichWC_
  • Have friends/mentors review, push your résumé text through @Grammarly to ensure spelling and grammar is up to par and find resumes/profiles you admire — borrow your favorite elements and make them your own. – @StoicLeys
  • Help your résumé stand out and #LookBrilliant2019 by printing on excellent paper such as Boise POLARIS® Premium Laser paper: – @BoisePapers

Track Your Goals     

  • Write/type those goals out and check on how much progress you’ve made monthly or every two months. – @RichWC_
  • Be sure to reward yourself every time you reach the goal so that you feel more motivated to achieve more!! – @justints21

Using a physical planner – or Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper – is a great way to stay organized and track goals. Create specific sections for certain things and utilize tabs and highlighters to become a master organizer. – @BoisePapers