With the most colorful holiday right around the corner, have you considered how you will prepare for the Fourth of July? In the days leading up to the fun-filled event, keep kids entertained with some firework-themed crafts! With so many to choose from, here are some of the most spirited activities to try out.

Fourth of July Rockets – Little paper rockets are a great way to get kids excited for the holiday! All it requires is some paper, tape, tissue paper, twine or string and a hot glue gun. Make the activity even more fun by filling the rockets with candy at the end.

Firework Flowers – If you have small children that you’d like to keep away from actual sparklers, this is the perfect project for you. Have the kids help make these festive firework flowers and use them to decorate around the home.

Confetti Balloons – What’s more fun than popping balloons? Popping balloons that are filled with confetti (and candy)! Fill red, white and blue balloons with an assortment of confetti, candy and other fun trinkets to celebrate the Fourth! You can even DIY the confetti by cutting up small squares of colored paper. Having everyone join in by popping the balloons at the same time is the perfect holiday celebration sans any actual explosives.

Pipe Cleaner Sparklers and Rings – What’s the Fourth of July without festive garb or jewelry? Bend and mold colorful pipe cleaners into the shapes of sparklers and rings to wear all day (and night) long. Buy them in metallic and bright colors to help them stand out. These will make anyone feel like a child at heart.

Boise Paper’s line of FIREWORX Premium Multi-Use Colored papers are perfect for all sorts of Fourth of July-themed activities. With 22 popping colors to choose from, your craft is sure to stand out in the crowd. Plus, Boise FIREWORX is the only eye-catching colored paper brand to come with Box Tops, so your purchase will benefit the kids going into the next school year.