Create an Organized, Efficient Office in Four Easy Steps

Think you don’t have time to organize your office? Consider this: all that time spent combing through files or searching for misplaced materials has a major negative effect on your productivity – not to mention your colleagues perceptions of you. No one wants to be known as “that person” with a sloppy, disorganized office.

It may seem inconsequential, but a messy, disheveled office space can dramatically reduce worker efficiency at every level of an organization. Fortunately, with very little effort, creating and sustaining an organized office is possible.

If you’re ready to get started, the following tips from Boise Paper will help you transform your office into an efficient workspace.

Control the Chaos – It's easy to let papers pile up. Get control of the mess by applying the “System of Three” – file it, work on it, or get rid of it – to every piece of paper in your office. File your important paperwork in a color-coded filing system and shred or recycle anything you don’t need. Once you’re back in control, keep it that way. Create a “For Review” box where colleagues know to place documents that require your attention. Place items that need discussion with others at the end of the desk so you can grab them quickly. And place “hot” to-dos on top of your computer or chair so you don’t forget them.


Set Up Strategically – It may sound obvious, but it’s easy to overlook: keep the supplies and files you use most within easy reach. Store lesser-used items and files out of the way. And pay attention to the way your office furniture is currently set up. It may not be optimal for your work style, especially if you inherited it from someone else. Consider moving your desk and file cabinets to create a better, more efficient flow based on how you work.

Do a Virtual Sweep – Your physical office is only half the battle. Apply the same “System of Three” approach to your electronic files. What emails and files can you delete or file away? Create folders for each project, and make it a habit to save files in the correct place right away. Better yet, set up rules that automatically do it for you!

Set Up a Printing Station – No one wants to search for paper with a deadline approaching! Create a Printing Station near the office printer to ensure supplies are close at hand. Keep every-day, go-to items like Boise® X-9® Multi-Use Copy paper closest to the printer. Store toner and less-often used paper, like high-quality Boise POLARIS® Premium Color Copy paper, in a designated space with a “Supplies to Order” checklist to ensure replacements get ordered before you’re out!

Make office organization a part of your daily routine, and you’ll be amazed at how just a few simple steps can greatly improve your office productivity!