How we treat our office space and co-workers impacts our overall work environment and happiness. While many rules of #OfficeEtiquette are unwritten, it is essential to remember that office space is shared space, and respect for colleagues is necessary.

Here are some behaviors to help show your commitment to harmony in the workplace and demonstrate #OfficeEtiquette:

  • Keep the Kitchen Clean
    • Always clean up after yourself when using the kitchen for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Try not to clutter the fridge and make sure you don’t leave anything in there long enough to go bad. Fill up the coffee pot when it’s empty and keep the sink and dishwasher area tidy. Keeping this very common space spotless will encourage others to follow suit.
  • Avoid Loud Noise
    • Whether it’s snapping your gum or playing music or videos, loud noise often distracts people from getting work done. Keep all noises as low as possible and be gracious to the people around you by being aware of how much noise you make. If your desk is close to your neighbor, eat your lunch in the shared kitchen, go into a separate workspace for calls and use headphones for multimedia.
  • Exhibit Common Scents
    • In close quarters, mind the smells you are putting into the common area. The office kitchen is not the place to microwave fish, and don’t eat a can of tuna at your desk. Wearing strong fragrances can also cause distraction, so keep that in mind when spraying perfume or cologne in the morning.
  • Be On Time
    • One of the easiest ways to show respect for colleagues is to be on time for work and meetings. Mismanaging your time interferes with other employee’s schedules and can affect their day as much as it does yours. Become an expert at time management by always showing up a few minutes early to meetings, hitting deadlines, and arriving and leaving the office at appropriate times. In addition to showing you are a good team player, this will ensure people take you seriously.
  • Stay Professional
    • It’s fine to get comfortable in the office, but there is such a thing as too comfortable, as well. Always avoid walking around with no shoes or displaying acts of personal hygiene in public places. If you aren’t sure of appropriate boundaries, keep track of annoying habits of others on a piece of copy paper to remind you to stay away from those bad habits yourself!

Hopefully these reminders will encourage you to show excellent #OfficeEtiquette at work! You never know, it could be what sets you apart from the rest.