Everyday, Effortless Office Hacks to Make Life Easier

It’s that time of year when everyone is stressed, the calendar year is wrapping up and the holidays make for busy schedules and people out of the office. Manage your work, time and office life by using these five office hacks. From time-saving tips to productivity enhancers, read this for a less-stressful holiday season at the office.

  • 1. Don’t be afraid to say “Do Not Disturb” – This is an important lesson for any busy professional. There will be days when you wake up, ready to go into the office and tackle your seemingly endless to-do list. Then, when you get to work, email after email comes in and you get a knock on your door enlisting your assistance. These are distractions that will put a damper on accomplishing your own to-dos. By blocking off a half-hour to an hour of time a day, you can focus on the tasks ahead. During your blocked off time, turn off email notifications to help you maintain your focus. Also, be sure to tackle your most important and timely assignments first. Putting them off until 4 p.m. won’t help anyone!
  • 2. Technology is your best friend – The technology available today to help with day-to-day life is endless, and the workplace is no exception. Some helpful technologies to utilize include phone and computer apps. There are many apps available for time management – limiting the amount of time you can spend on social media or other distracting sites. There are also apps available for enhancing productivity within the office, giving you no reason to fall behind!
  • 3. No shame in DIY – Creating a clean, organized workspace can help productivity and your all around mood when you are at the office. Therefore, your desk should be an extension of yourself. Decorate it as you please with your own style, and don’t forget about simple and useful DIY office improvement hacks you can do with supplies lying around, like recycled paper. Whether it’s using a binder clip to organize various computer and phone cords or dividing your drawers using leftover cereal boxes, these hacks will make you more organized and, in turn, more efficient.
  • 4. Organize like no one is watching – There is nothing worse than scrambling to find a memo for a meeting on your messy desk seconds before it starts. Good thing there a million and one ways you can organize your office to make it ultra-efficient to your personal style. From establishing certain “work zones” to labeling anything and everything, organization will always be your friend in the end. Another key way to keep your space organized is to color code – everything. Files, papers, folders, etc. should be color coded into specific areas. Boise® Fireworx® Premium Multi-Use Colored paper is great for this purpose.
  • 5. Give yourself a break – No one is superman (or woman), so sometimes a deadline is just unattainable. When planning your week, be sure to put the most important and highest-reward tasks at the top. Also, don’t overschedule yourself! You will regret this later and wish you had just said ‘no’ to that one meeting.