Boise Paper’s Partnership with Box Tops for Education Continues to Help U.S. Schools

Homework may be on hiatus this summer, but that doesn’t mean parents are off school duty. Families can support students and schools all year long by clipping Box Tops from select Boise Paper products. Since 2011, Boise Paper has funded over $10 million to U.S. schools and remains the exclusive office paper partner to Box Tops for Education.

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy beautiful weather, but parents will always have an eye on the school year to come. Supporting local schools with Box Tops doesn’t have to be confined to the grocery store. A wide variety of products – including office and school supplies like Boise POLARIS® and FIREWORX® papers – carry Box Tops clips, so parents can find them everywhere!

Collecting Box Tops is just one of these five easy steps to support your child’s school before the year even begins:

1. Plan your PTO – Come September, there is always an opportunity for parents to volunteer at their children’s school, from being “classroom parent” and helping at sporting events, to serving an active role in the PTA or another fundraising committee. In order to do this, working parents should plan out PTO in August to ensure they can chip in and work with teachers right away to line up the times that work best to provide classroom help.

2. Crack open some books – Helping children maintain their literacy level throughout the summer is key to their learning the following year. Do this by making reading fun! Create and print a “reading success” chart to help your reader log their summer reading. They can displayed their progress for the whole family on their bedroom door or on the refrigerator. Offer a small reward once each book is completed and a special treat – like a trip for ice cream or a movie night – when all their books have been read. Once the chart is finished, save it in a folder and send it to your child’s teacher to give them an idea of your child’s reading level and personal interests as the school year begins.

3. Organize a school clean-up day – Most schools are in need of a little TLC over the summer break, and the support of parents and students can make a big difference in the amount of work needed to be done later on. Reach out to a teacher or administrator to enquire about projects planned to clean up the school before the year begins, and see if there are opportunities for your group to make a difference. It can be as simple as cleaning up a playground, planting flowers in a garden or painting a bathroom. This will give kids and parents a deeper connection to their school.

4. Plant the seed for a great year – As August draws to a close, work with your child to write a short “top 10” list of things to look forward to this school year. Print a list numbered 1-10 and complete it together. Quickly researching the activities ahead is beneficial for parents so they know what’s coming and can plan for a successful school year, and it will help kids get excited about heading back. Check off items as they are finished, and keep the list as a keepsake for your child after the school year is complete.

5. Stock up on Box Tops – Helping your local school never takes a vacation – and with the Box Tops for Education program, it’s simple to earn cash to fund your school’s needs all summer long. When buying paper, cereal or school supplies, make sure the products have Box Tops. As the exclusive office paper brand for the Box Tops program, Boise POLARIS® Premium papers helps K-8 schools earn up to $20,000 annually for essential supplies.