Your personal office space plays an important role in the work you deliver. Having a clean work space increases productivity, prevents stress and improves morale. Keeping your space clean and collected also portrays a positive impression to your coworkers and supervisors. After all, your personal space is a reflection of who you are! Follow these tips to keep your work area spotless:

  1. Clean surfaces regularly. Set a calendar reminder for every two weeks to wipe down all the surfaces in your office. You may not realize it, but dirt and grime can build up quickly, which can lead to a dirty overall appearance. Pay special attention to your phone, keyboard and mouse!
  2. Establish a “home” for everything. To have a clean and organized desk, everything should have a place. Keep items tucked away in drawers and folders, store pens and paper clips in jars and always be sure to put kitchen items back at the end of every work day.
  3. Recycle and replenish papers. Another way to keep your work space looking tidy is to never leave stray papers out in the open. If you have no need for a piece of paper, recycle it! And when you need to print something, remember to replenish the printer with a new ream of paper – try out Boise® ASPEN® Recycled Copy paper for great results.
  4. Make the space your own. Give your area a special touch with a few photos of family or friends, a painting on the wall or a few plants and flowers. Decorating your space will give it life and keep your mind at ease because you will feel more at home. Keep your decorations tidy by dusting them off every once in a while and switch out the plants as they start to wilt. A personalized space that’s clean and put together is inviting for you and your colleagues.
  5. End each day with a clean sweep. End the day on the right foot and set yourself up for success tomorrow with a quick clean at the end of the day. Throw away any stray, unneeded items and perform a quick desktop check. For an extra head-start, set out reminders for the next day so that you can start on high-priority tasks right away.

Hopefully these tips will give you a fresh perspective on the importance of a clean office. And don’t forget, when in doubt – clean it out!