Having a healthy work-life balance is not an easy feat. When the weather is nice, it can be even more challenging. From neighborhood barbeques to nights at the ballpark, your schedule can fill up quickly. In addition, planned time off can leave you and your officemates stretched, with fewer hands to keep things moving. To help manage your busy workload and still enjoy your time outside of the office, Boise Paper offers these five tips to help you achieve a better work-life balance.

Schedule Ahead

When the weather is nice, everyone wants to take time off to enjoy it. In order to avoid schedule conflicts with coworkers, it’s best to plan ahead and plot out any time off you’ll be taking. The greater the advanced noticed, the less chance your absence will catch teammates off-guard, and you’ll be able to enjoy the time off with fewer work interruptions. Encourage your coworkers to share their schedules so that you can make the most of when people are in the office, and schedule catch-up or coordination meetings as needed.

Prioritize Your Plans

Let’s be honest, warm weather is fleeting and winter is right around the corner. Finding time to do everything you want to do while it’s a beautiful day can be challenging. In order to enjoy your vacation or attend that music festival, you may need to sacrifice some activities in order to fully enjoy others. To help with this, create a list on Boise X-9® paper of all the activities and obligations you have this summer. Next, categorize and prioritize your opportunities – making sure family, friends and work obligations each get the attention they deserve. This exercise will help uncover if any of these areas are receiving too much attention and allow you to adjust and still make the most of the time ahead.

Make New Plans

Working long hours isn’t beneficial for anyone – you, your family or your colleagues – and can affect your heath, happiness and relationships with others. If you notice your work-life balance tips more to the work side, you need to recognize that there will always be more work to do. To help bring more balance to your life, create a reason to leave the office on time. Join groups or sign up for exercise classes that meet after work so you have a reason to leave at a reasonable hour. You could also make dinner plans with friends and make a reservation ahead of time so you can’t back out.

Get Outside

When you’re stuck inside working all day, it’s easy to feel as if your time is slipping away. If you find yourself pining for the outdoors, go on a brisk, 10-minute walk around the block. Even a short break spent enjoying the outdoors will boost your metabolism, and the dose of fresh air can help alleviate stress and increase your motivation. Another great way to spend time outside is to consider holding meetings outside on a nice day. You and your colleagues will be able to remain productive, while also enjoying some sunshine. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes away from your office to improve your mood and productivity.

Set Boundaries

Enjoying your time away from the office can be impossible when you’re constantly being interrupted with work issues or phone calls. In order to get the most out of your time off, set firm boundaries around when you are, and aren’t, available – and be sure to communicate your level of availability before taking time off. Doing so will help you relax when you’re off the clock and avoid burnout, while also helping others avoid dissatisfaction.

With these tips, we hope you can achieve a successful work-life balance.