Four Outdated Office Supply Myths That Need to Go

Times Have Changed. Has Your Office Changed With It?

Recycled paper has long had a reputation for being dingy, dull and low-quality. As a business owner, entrepreneur or office worker, this is the last impression you want to give your clients.

However, thanks to recent technological advances and rigorous production standards, that’s all changed. In fact, all Boise ASPEN® recycled papers are designed to exceed expectations, and feature the same hardworking characteristics and brightness as everyday office papers made without recycled content.

What other outdated perceptions are you still holding on to? Boise Paper sets the record straight by busting these top recycled paper myths.

Myth 1: Recycled Paper Doesn’t Perform As Well As Non-Recycled Paper.

The quality of your printed documents will not be sacrificed with Boise ASPEN Multi-Use Recycled Copy paper. This line of paper is available in three different varieties – 30 percent post-consumer content, 50 percent post-consumer content and 100 percent post-consumer content – that are all engineered for consistent performance and excellent run-ability for your everyday printing and copying.

Myth 2: Recycled Paper Doesn’t Print As Well As Non-Recycled Paper.

Great print quality and ink retention are the result of a smoother sheet surface – which actually has very little to do with the ratio of recycled fiber content. Regardless of recycled fiber content, printing on a good quality recycled paper will be just as crisp and clean as non-recycled.

Myth 3: Recycled Paper Isn’t as Bright as Non-Recycled Paper.

Recycled paper traditionally has the stigma of being yellow and dingy, but in reality, most recycled grades have the same or comparable brightness as non-recycled. If you’re concerned about the brightness level of your paper, look for options with a high brightness rating, measured on a scale of zero to 100. For example, ASPEN 30, 50 and 100 Multi-Use Recycled Copy papers are all 92 bright, just like Boise Paper’s everyday non-recycled office paper offerings.

Myth 4: Recycled Paper Will Jam My Printer.

If you expect excellent run-ability from your non-recycled paper, why would you expect less from recycled? All ASPEN papers are third-party tested to rigorous standards, and backed by a 99.99% Jam-Free® Guarantee.

High-performing and great looking, Boise ASPEN® papers are a smart choice for eye-catching print projects and everyday use. Learn more, and find the best paper for you below.