Going Green with Boise Paper

If you’re striving to “go green” this April, here’s some good news: your office paper is “green”. American-manufactured paper like Boise Paper products actually benefit our nation’s forestland and are a driving force for maintaining it for future generations.

Here are a handful of ways that paper use and production ensures a healthy, forested landscape for future generations.

Supporting Forest Management – About 90 percent of the wood harvested in the United States for products like paper and lumber is made from trees grown on private forest land. By providing a dependable market for responsibly grown trees, manufacturers like Boise Paper encourage landowners to manage their forestland responsibly rather than sell it for development or agriculture. The net total of U.S. forest area has actually increased since the government started the Forest Census in the 1950s, with millions more acres of forest today than we had a generation ago.

Taking Advantage of a Truly Sustainable Product – Wood is a unique, natural resource that is both recyclable and renewable. Recycling paper products allows wood fibers to be used again and again, which keeps paper products out of landfills. It is this landfill and waste avoidance that makes using recycled paper good for the environment – not the misperception that it saves trees.

Completing the Cycle – Wood fibers can be recycled up to seven times before they begin to break down and are no longer usable. The goal is to take advantage of this potential reuse by diverting used paper from the waste stream and using it to produce new useful products. When it comes to recycled paper options, Boise Paper’s ASPEN® line of recycled paper produces excellent document imaging and consistent results. ASPEN is available in 30%, 50% and 100% post-consumer content varieties, so there’s an ideal fit for all your office needs.

While using recycled paper is part of a great eco-friendly strategy, we need paper products made from fresh, never-used wood fibers in order to keep the recycling loop going. If all we used was recycled paper fiber, we would quickly run out of sources! Complement your use of ASPEN recycle content grades with Boise® X-9® Multi-Use Copy paper, a highly versatile paper engineered to perform in all types of office and high-speed equipment.

Encouraging Strong Ecosystems – U.S. foresters follow internationally recognized standards, as well as national, state and local requirements, to grow forests in a healthy way. That means planting different types of trees and selecting which ones to cut and which to let grow – thus preserving the ecosystem and encouraging continual growth. Boise Paper works with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to promote responsible forestry management, and is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council for the standards it has implemented for ensuring responsible wood fiber sourcing. There are real threats to U.S. forests that include forest fires, degradation and poor management – all of which a healthy forestry industry can help prevent.

Today, responsible forestry practices in the United States strengthen our natural ecosystems and support resiliency. By using wood-based products when we need them, and choosing paper from responsibly managed local forests for printing reports and sending letters, each of us can help sustain the future and health of our forests.