How to Get Organized, and Stay Organized, for the Entire School Year

School is underway, but don’t kick your heels up for too long! Now is the perfect time to get organized for the rest of the year. Here are six tips to get prepared now for a more orderly school year.

  1. Supply Stash

Put together a cabinet, cubby or drawer of extra supplies, which will be a life saver down the road. Label the area and the items within so that the kids know where to get new supplies when needed. Load the drawer with things like pens, multipurpose paper, folders, notebooks and more.

  1. Establish Routines

Most kids do best with established routines – especially during the school year. Establish a firm routine and stick to it, this will help the kids know what to expect and how to behave on a day-to-day basis. Set firm wake up times and morning agendas, devote time for relaxation and homework, and stick to a specific bedtime. These basics will help you stay organized throughout the year.

  1. Personalize Property

Kids love to know what is “theirs” so that they can have a sense of ownership, so help them personalize their school supplies. Color-coordinate backpacks and folders by kid, put fun labels on pencil cases and assign lunchboxes so that everyone knows what is theirs. This will also prevent confusion each morning and save you the headache of trying to remember which backpack to put that permission slip in.

  1. Take Charge of Homework Sessions

Don’t let your kids dictate when and where they do homework – take charge! Stay on top of homework assignments by creating a “command homework center” where the kids can go to prep their to-do list for the night, work on their assignments and look ahead to the rest of the week. Use a corkboard to add new assignments and stock the area with go-to supplies like scratch paper and pencils.

  1. Develop Meal Plans

Deciding what to pack in your child’s lunchbox doesn’t have to be an afterthought at bedtime each night. Instead, establish a lunch plan every Sunday. Write a list, do your grocery shopping and pre-package lunches for each day of the week. A great way to give your child some say in their lunch is to make it “self-serve.” Have a section labeled in your refrigerator and pantry with what they can grab, for example: one sandwich, one fruit, one veggie, one snack! The ability to mix and match will help kids feel empowered about their lunch, and save you some time and nuisance.

  1. Give Rewards for Success

School is a time to learn and grow. Give your kids goals each week to achieve and rewards when it’s accomplished! Keep track of these goals and rewards in a notebook or print it out on a bright, cheerful piece of Boise® FIREWORX® Premium Multi-Use Colored paper.