Celebrating Arbor Day

Earth Month may be coming to an end, but the focus on trees is just beginning with today’s annual celebration of Arbor Day! Boise Paper is a proud partner of the Arbor Day Foundation, and many of our employees will gather tomorrow as part of Project UP™ to help plant trees in Houston. Project UP™, which started in 2011, is a joint program through Boise Paper and the Arbor Day Foundation with a goal to turn abandoned urban areas into neighborhood parks and green spaces. Boise Paper loves working with organizations that impact local communities, and the Arbor Day Foundation fits that bill.

Trees – They Matter More Than You Think

So, why support a foundation dedicated to trees? Trees and other forms of greenery are pretty to look at, but they provide much more to the planet than just natural beauty. Forests provide wildlife habitat, filter our air and water, protect us from dangerous heat and pollution, and slow the rate of climate change, among other great things. This year, replanting trees and other plants has become even more essential in the wake of natural disasters that ripped through communities and affected wildlife. With the help of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Community Tree Recovery Program, tress lost in natural disasters across the world will be replaced, lifting the spirits of residents and improving the eco-system.

Humble Beginnings, Magnificent Growth

The Arbor Day Foundation was founded with the mission of inspiring people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees, and it has become the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to this goal, with over one million members, supporters and partners. With 46 years of experience, the foundation spans 30 countries in its work to promote a healthy, eco-friendly world. Visit the Arbor Day Foundation website to find out more about the foundation and its continued efforts to make the world a better place to live.

Arbor Day Needs You!

It’s easy to participate in Arbor Day or assist the foundation! Pick one or more of the activities below to show your #arborday spirit.

  • Pledge: In honor of National Arbor Day, the Arbor Day Foundation encourages you to sign the pledge to plant a tree in the month of April – and beyond. Trees are amazing for countless reasons and by pledging your support, you will continue to make the world a better place for generations to come.
  • Share: Share the love for Arbor Day and plant a tree by using #arborday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Every time the hashtag gets used, a tree is planted in your honor.
  • Purchase: A simple, but important and effective, way to contribute to the Arbor Day Foundation is by purchasing a Give a Tree Card or providing a donation directly to the foundation.

blog-post-image-1-2To discover what is going on in your community to celebrate Arbor Day, visit www.CelebrateArborDay.com!