It’s Time to Reconsider: Recycled Paper vs. Non-Recycled Paper

Our line of Boise® ASPEN® Multi-Use Recycled Copy paper is great for everyday use as well as high-level presentation and document use. In the past, recycled paper brought to mind dingy tint, lower-level performance or uneven print quality. Instead, due to recent advances in the production of recycled paper, Boise ASPEN papers feature the same hardworking characteristics as non-recycled copy paper.

Want a second opinion? The below quotes are testimonials from people who believe in recycled paper as much as we do.

  • “The paper's just as white as a non-recycled variety and prints out with no problem. So I don't just use quality paper.” – Steven Hause
  • “I use recycled paper for all of my printing needs. Why you ask? Well, the feel – it feels exactly like non-recycled paper. The print quality? Exactly the same (sometimes better) than non-recycled paper.” – Colt Sebastian Taylor
  • "The best part about recycled paper is that it looks and feels like any regular paper." – Leah Burke
  • "Is recycled paper really as good as normal paper? Does it print as well? Yeah! Does it feel as good? Yeah!" – Scotty Wendal
  • "Recycled paper also has quality and color equal to that of non-recycled paper." – Emily Yue
  • “The State of Minnesota purchases ASPEN 30 and ASPEN 100 recycled paper. We have found there is no difference in quality between recycled and virgin paper.” – Wayne Gjerde

Not convinced yet? We challenge you to take the challenge and dare to compare Boise® X-9® Multi-Use Copy paper against Boise® APSEN® Multi-Use Copy paper yourself. You’re sure to be impressed by the print quality, performance and brightness of the recycled sheets of paper.