To enter our final Facebook Sweepstakes of the year, entrants were asked to share what lessons they have learned throughout the year to help them #LookBrilliant at the office. Here are some of the top tips submitted to our Lessons Learned to #LookBrilliant Sweepstakes that can help you stand out at the office:

Stay Organized

  • Organization and time management make a huge difference. – Evelyn F.
  • Always keep your desk clean and clutter-free to present an organized work space. – Ronald O.
  • Arrive to work at least 10-15 minutes early in the morning. – Guadalupe V.

Act Professionally

  • Communication with coworkers is pivotal to successfully working as a team. – Chris M.
  • Dressing professionally brings a better presence and presentation to your work. – Mary C.
  • Eye contact really helps you look more professional! – Jennifer L.

Be Proactive

  • Stay ahead of problems and be proactive. – Pete B.
  • Volunteer to take on new tasks to increase your knowledge and bring value to your work. – Katreia B.
  • Use the best equipment - like Boise Paper - to really shine! – Linda F.

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