Exceptionally bright and highly versatile, you can trust Boise POLARIS® Premium papers for your most important projects. Whether it’s a client proposal or an important presentation, Boise POLARIS will make your bright ideas look brilliant with excellent document imaging and consistent results every time.

So how do you know which type of Boise POLARIS paper to use? With four different types of paper in the Boise POLARIS line, there’s a paper to make every high-level print job from cover letters to contracts stand out:

  • Polaris paper reamsBoise POLARIS Premium Multipurpose paper – From client presentations to cover letters, Boise POLARIS Premium Multipurpose paper helps ensure every bright idea looks brilliant by delivering impressive print results quickly and reliably in any home, office or high-speed print environment. Ideal for general documents, reports and proposals where quality look and feel are important, Boise POLARIS Multipurpose is a highly versatile paper that is engineered to perform in all types of office and high-speed equipment and comes with a 99.99% Jam-Free performance guarantee.
  • Boise POLARIS Premium Laser paper – When you need to print proposals or presentations with color charts and graphs, reports or external communications, reach for Boise POLARIS Premium Laser paper. Engineered for premium performance in laser copiers and printers, and optimized for two-sided printing with minimal show-through, Boise POLARIS Laser paper will provide clean, crisp and vivid results.
  • Boise POLARIS Premium Inkjet paper – Boise POLARIS Premium Inkjet paper is ideal for when you need a high-quality look and feel without full-color coverage, such as reports with photos or color charts. This heavy, bright white paper is specifically engineered for premium performance in all inkjet devices and will deliver bright, bold prints.
  • Boise POLARIS Premium Color Copy paper – For full-color brochures, flyers or handouts that need to have a professional look and feel, select Boise POLARIS Premium Color Copy paper. Boise POLARIS Color Copy is an ultra-smooth, heavy weight paper with radiant brightness that will deliver superior performance in all color copiers and color laser printers.

The next time your printing job calls for a premium look and feel, reach for paper you can trust, reach for Boise POLARIS Premium papers.