Look Brilliant with Boise POLARIS® Premium Papers

Knowing what type of paper is right for your needs can be the difference between a document, presentation or project that looks boring and one that looks brilliant. Luckily, Boise Paper offers an array of premium papers, and for just $6 a ream in stores and online at Office Depot, looking brilliant has never been easier! To help you choose the correct paper for all your projects, we’ve outlined the uses of three papers in our POLARIS® premium paper line – Multipurpose paper, Laser paper and Inkjet paper.

What Type of Paper Should You Buy?

Whether it’s an important presentation or a simple sheet of notes, using Boise POLARIS® Premium papers for all your printing needs will make your bright ideas look brilliant – but it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right kind.

  • Multipurpose paper – Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper is ideal for general documents, internal memos, reports and proposals where quality, look and feel are important. This paper features ColorLok technology for sharp images, and it is 99.99% jam-free guaranteed.
  • Laser paper – When you’re printing high-quality documents, use Boise POLARIS® Premium Laser paper . Laser paper is best for documents such as proposals and presentations with color charts and graphs, reports and external communications. This paper also is optimized for double-sided printing with impressive definition and minimal show-through.
  • Inkjet paper – For reports, flyers, certificates, announcements or documents that feature photos, Boise POLARIS® Premium Inkjet paper will provide you with crisp printing and vivid colors.

You can make all of your bright ideas look brilliant this year with Boise POLARIS Premium papers – now available at your local Office Depot and OfficeDepot.com for $6 per ream.