You show exceptional office etiquette year-round, and the holiday season is no exception. Here are a few office etiquette tips to keep in mind during the holiday season, whether you’re at the office party, working in your cubicle or taking time off.

Dazzle the Office Party

  • Respect the host – Office holiday parties don’t just come out of nowhere, they are planned and made possible by a generous office manager or assistant. RSVP on time and thank the person who planned the event at the conclusion of the evening. While you are at it, a personal thank you to the boss who paid for the soiree is a must!
  • Dress appropriately – Every workplace has a different dress code, and the office holiday party is no different. If it’s not explicitly stated on the invite or calendar event, ask around to identify appropriate attire. Whether it’s a casual or black tie affair, it’s always appropriate to add a few festive touches – like a red plaid tie or a shimmery accessory – to feel even more “in season” at the party.
  • Keep it classy – The holiday party is a great chance to network and get to know your bosses and coworkers that you may not talk to on a daily basis. Have a drink or two to celebrate a successful year, but make sure you can put your best foot forward when chatting with coworkers.

Working the Holidays Away

  • Lend a helping hand – With many people taking days before and after the holidays off, you may need to extend a helping hand if an assignment comes through last minute. Make the offer to help and stick to it. People will appreciate your willingness to help and availability.
  • Maintain your same routine – Even though the office may be a ghost town immediately before or after the holiday, it’s important to arrive and leave the office at your normal time. Maintaining your sense of normalcy will help you get things done.
  • Create a master holiday calendar – A few weeks in advance, print out a calendar on Boise POLARIS Premium Multipurpose paper and get everyone’s holiday schedule in one place. This way you can anticipate potential issues and plan ahead for extra work.

To Grandmother’s House We Go

  • Manage your schedule – It’s essential to manage your schedule before you take off for the holidays. Let your colleagues and supervisors know your plans well in advance so that they can prepare for your absence. Additionally, be transparent about how available you will be while you’re away.
  • Meet your deadlines – Being stressed about work while on vacation is never fun. Avoid the stress by getting organized beforehand. Start planning about a month prior and prioritize what deadlines you must meet before you’re out of the office and what you can save until you return.
  • Adjust communication responses – The last thing you should do before heading out the door is set email auto-replies and adjust your voicemail. This will let people outside of your organization know your schedule. Even include a nice holiday note to spread some cheer.

Keep these tips in mind as you head into the holiday season and impress your colleagues with your superior office etiquette and thoughtfulness!