Ever feel like kicking the copier when it jams? Kick that low-quality paper, instead. Low-quality paper can have inconsistent thickness, tiny wrinkles or curling that causes paper jams. The result is lost productivity and interrupted workflow.

The following stats will make you think twice about using low-quality paper for your printing needs.

  • In the average office, employees make more than 60 trips per week to the fax, copier and printer, according to tech analyst firm Gartner.
  • A study conducted by Galaxy Research reveals that workers spend more than two working weeks each year grappling with technical issues and 22% have spent a whole day trying to solve the problem. Almost one in five have been late for a meeting because of printer issues.
  • Over 21% of daily productivity loss can be attributed to document issues, based off a survey of workers and IT professionals by the International Data Corporation (IDC).
  • According to the IDC, 45% of executives’ time is spent with documents and 82% believe that documents are crucial to the successful operation of their organization.

Your great work deserves high-quality paper. And with the Boise Paper 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee, you can be sure it will perform as expected, every time to keep your workday humming.