There are four basic types of printer paper – color copy paper, laser or inkjet paper, multipurpose paper, and copy paper. All four are designed for different printing jobs and they vary in weight, brightness, opacity and smoothness.

  • Color copy paper – Color copy paper produces brilliant, vivid color documents with professional results. This paper is brighter and heavier than a copy or multipurpose paper and should be used in laser printers for full-color flyers or brochures, client proposals with color charts and graphs or external communications.
  • Laser or Inkjet paper – For documents that contain color graphics, choose a laser or inkjet These papers print crisp and vivid colors and are optimized to bring out the best in your printer. These papers are best used for charts and graphs, documents with photos, reports, certificates or announcements.
  • Multipurpose paper – Multipurpose paper is ideal for impressive client- and customer-facing documents, such as reports, proposals and flyers. Multipurpose paper like Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper is the best buy for offices with several different types of printers, or offices that frequently print color in large quantities.
  • Copy paper – For everyday, black-and-white printing or copying of emails, internal memos, forms or bulletins, choose a lighter weight, 20 lb. multi-use copy paper like Boise® X-9® with a lower brightness. This paper is most efficient for mass printing.