We all want to add efficiency to our day-to-day office work, but changing your personal routine – or that of your colleagues – is often easier said than done. Below is a collection of signs and reminders we’ve created to help your office work smarter. Hang these signs as a reminder on your wall, or around the office as indicated, to bring added efficiency to your work week. Simply click on each image to get a PDF for printing.

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Reuse paper to create a more efficient and sustainable office. Attach this sign to an in-tray in a production area and encourage colleagues to put outdated documents here. Then load these collected paper into a black-and-white printer dedicated to internal documents.


Tape this to one of the black-and-white printers in your office to double the paper life of internal documents.


It’s important to make dedicated time for tough assignments. Hang this sign near the entrance to your office when you need to concentrate on an important project.


Set a specific goal for every meeting to save time and keep discussions on track. Use this template to create simple meeting agendas the whole group can reference.


Clear communications via email is an art. Print and keep these top three tips near your computer to make your communications more  effective.

Click above to get all five signs in one PDF