I’m proud to have been working at PCA’s Jackson paper mill, making Boise Paper products, for over 20 years now. In that time I’ve seen the mill grow to the massive production facility it is today. I’ve also had the chance to enjoy the things, like employee pride and community dedication, that make Boise Paper feel like home.

My family has lived in the Jackson area for a long time. As the largest employer in the area, the mill plays a huge role in not just my family, but the lives of many families in Clarke County. Some families in the area own land and have been in the timber business for over 50 years, and others I know have had multiple generations of their family working here at the mill.

I’ve been lucky enough to have both of my sons work here, one of them in maintenance with me, and the other currently works on the J1 paper machine. I also have many cousins, as well as one nephew working over in production and on our J3 paper machine.


Jackson is a small town that sits right on the bank of the Tombigbee River. Most of the people who live here know each other. Working for Boise Paper is more than just a job for my family and friends. The mill provides us with opportunities to learn through our work, and we’re proud to stand behind a quality product and company that’s trusted and well-known within our community.

Boise Paper is known for making quality paper its customers can trust and those of us in Jackson have seen first-hand how that trust is built. Getting wood from local family-owned forests and planting new trees for the ones we use is just a start. We also produce a lot of our own energy and clean the water in our recycling plant before returning it to our local environment

Over the years I’ve seen and contributed to many different parts of the paper making process – including on the J3 paper machine as both a planner and supervisor and now as part of the maintenance team. I’m blessed to have found a job that I’ve truly enjoyed working at for so many years, and having my family at my side – well, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Dink Lankford works in maintenance for Boise Paper’s PCA mill in Jackson, Ala.