Technology is supposed to help us work faster and more efficiently, but it only does so if you give it proper care and maintenance. Start the year off right by taking the time for a complete technology refresh to make your tech work harder with just a few easy steps:

Update Software

It’s time to stop ignoring those pesky software update reminders and get in the habit of regularly updating your equipment. Outdated software can slow down your computer and leave your device or desktop unprotected from viruses. Remember to update programs regularly so your equipment continues to run well. And prevent any surprise disruptions to your workday by scheduling updates during down time, toward the end of day or overnight.

Delete Unnecessary Apps/Programs

Obsolete software can drag down computer speed and ability to operate. If your desktop or device feels sluggish, freeing up storage can make a dramatic difference. Remove unnecessary programs and apps to keep equipment running smoothly. Likewise, large files and old images can take up valuable space. If possible, use an online storage site like Dropbox that will allow you to hold on to these files for future use, while also freeing up space and speeding up operations.

Hit Unsubscribe

Is clearing your inbox an uphill battle every day? Clean it up by unsubscribing to emails you don’t read or need anymore. Simply click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the email or visit the sending party’s website to alter your email settings. Additionally, you can simply mark it as spam when prompted by your email server so that it can better detect and block similar messages in the future.

Reset Recurring Calendar Invites

Start the year with a fresh calendar and refresh all recurring calendar invites. Be sure to touch base with teams or clients and confirm who will continue to attend meetings in the new year, and if any members should be added or removed from the invite. If meeting content was slim week to week, consider decreasing the frequency of your meetings to free up time for everyone. Additionally, take a look at the day and time that is best for all attendees. If you were regularly rescheduling over the past few months, consider testing new days or times.

Clean Up Your Passwords

We are all guilty of using the same password across multiple websites for news outlets, shopping, social media and email. Unfortunately, this is an easy way to allow your accounts to be compromised, and if one account is hacked all accounts with the same password are at risk. Safeguard your online accounts now by spending a few hours logging into each of your accounts and creating unique, strong passwords. To make sure you remember them, log them somewhere private and safe.

We hope these tips help you manage and refresh your technology to work more efficiently for you this year.