I’m a third generation employee at PCA’s International Falls paper mill, which makes and distributes Boise Paper products. Working at the mill gives me an incredible opportunity to live and raise my family in my hometown, while continuing the strong tradition of the “Walls Boys” working in the mill. As a technical representative, one of the best parts of my job is getting to interact with customers and share the pride I have for Boise Paper and the quality of our products.

For me, Boise Paper is more than an employer – it’s home. The mill plays such a vital role in my life, family and the community of International Falls.  Here are a few of the reasons why living and working here is special to me.

paper mill machine

Legacy of Leadership

There’s a shared sense of history in working at PCA’s International Falls mill. My father and my grandmother worked here, and every day, I feel like I’m following in their footsteps. How many people get to work in a place with such deep roots – while also being at the cutting edge of the industry?

A lot has changed in the 100 years that the mill has been producing paper, but through it all, the mill has evolved and adopted practices that make us more efficient, as well as eco-friendly. It’s always fun sharing stories with family and neighbors and learning just how much has changed. There’s a lot that goes into making paper, and every day, we’re looking for ways to develop more efficient processes and quality products. Take a virtual tour inside our operations to see just how we do it!


Community Support

When you mention to people in the community that you work for Boise Paper, there’s an immediate name recognition, as well as a warm, positive connection. That’s because Boise Paper is deeply engrained and supportive of the International Falls community. For instance, Boise Paper routinely donates paper products to our children’s classrooms. The mill also donates materials for our playgrounds, sponsors the school robotics teams and provides funds for the local community college, among other things. Knowing that Boise Paper truly cares about its people and the community is one of the many reasons, I am proud to do what I do.

Commitment to Quality

It’s easy to take pride in what I do, because I know that we’re offering our customers the very best.  I know my coworkers feel the same way – many of us have been working together for years. It’s these people and our shared commitment to quality that truly make this place special. You can see it in every role – whether it’s a forester inspecting the trees, or an operator packaging up finished reams for distribution. We care about our work and creating a great product that people can count on. That’s what gives me great confidence when I am out making technical calls with our customers.

Vibrant Community

We may be called “The Icebox of the Nation,” but there’s nothing cold about the people of International Falls! I enjoy being able to live so close to nature – Voyageurs National Park is right at our doorstep – and there’s a ton of recreational activities like hunting and fishing that we get to enjoy year-round.  Boise Paper is the largest employer in the area, and getting to work alongside my friends and neighbors makes going to work every day a fun and rewarding experience. You just don’t find this type of job anywhere, and I’m proud to call Boise Paper home.


Eric Walls is technical representative for Boise Paper, and a third-generation employee at PCA’s mill in International Falls, Minn.