The area surrounding a printer can influence the workflow and be a hub for the entire office. Take the time to set up a proper printer station with essential tools that promote productivity and keep everyone focused on the task at hand.

Not sure where to start? Here is a rundown of supplies needed for an efficient and organized printer station.


Ink & Toner

No one will panic when the low-ink notification starts popping up if spare ink cartridges are close at hand. Similarly, if your office has a laser printer store toner cartridges in the same area. Be sure to clearly label the ink and toner, if your office uses both.


In addition, keep various types of paper – including an everyday multi-use paper, a premium option for color printing, and colored papers for special projects – in the room to quickly refill the tray and be ready for any type of print job.

We’re partial to X-9® Multi-Use Copy, Boise POLARIS® Premium, and FIREWORX® Premium colors. If recycled papers are your thing, Aspen® has both Premium and Multi-Use Copy options.


Keep an organized stash of highlighters, pens, and pencils nearby, as well as correction tape or liquid for easy proofreading right at the printer. Stash pre-inked stamps noting “confidential,” “original,” “draft,” and “sign here,” to make next steps clear and concise. And don’t forget the Post-It notes for quick and non-permanent messages.


Store an assortment of paper fasteners including paper clips and clamps, both large and small, as well as a stapler and spare staples for easy refills next to the printer. For final presentation adjustments, keep scissors or a cutting board in the room to crop documents. Keep file folders handy to keep printed documents clean and crisp during transport around the office.


Finally, make distribution easy with envelopes of various sizes, return address labels and a postage meter or stamps.

We hope this list will be helpful in turning your printer station into a one-stop-shop workstation for all your document needs.