man and woman reviewing paper

While different personalities make the world go round, they also can cause friction in the work environment. They key to maintaining smooth relationships at work is to play to each team member’s strengths. Here are five common personality types and how you can maximize the strengths of each of them to form a cohesive, productive team.

  1. The Stabilizer – The stabilizer is someone that is great at managing groups of people. They see the pros and cons of every situation and employ logic in decision making. Stabilizers make great team leaders for client-facing projects. They also are great at giving advice; don’t be afraid to go to them for questions and guidance.
  2. The Solo Artist – The solo artist not only likes to work alone, but they’re good at it! Leverage the solo artist for projects that require intense concentration, deep research or ongoing expertise. The ideal scenario has them working independently, then providing their input and value to the bigger team as needed.
  3. The Control Freak – The control freak is the person that helps the office run smoothly and efficiently. They are great with both owning big projects and keeping an eye on small details. Leverage your office control freak to keep track of the status and next steps of all your programs so that everything keeps moving forward.
  4. The Over-Thinker – The over-thinker is more than just the office worrier – they are the member of the team who makes sure to evaluate all angles before moving forward. The over-thinker is very valuable for identifying strategies and seeing potential pitfalls. Leverage the power of an over-thinker to test big ideas and rethink processes that will make your business better.
  5. The Social Butterfly – Every office needs a social butterfly to keep things light and forge personal connections. Social butterflies can be great at recruiting and on-boarding new team members, forging relationships with clients, and throwing office parties. Working with a friendly and approachable team member is a great asset in any business.

To make the most of your teams, utilize people’s strengths to make the workplace both fun and efficient.