Between meetings, calls, projects and more, no one has time to slow down for a paper jam. Too often when purchasing paper, employees don’t realize the importance that a jam-free guarantee holds. Not only will paper with a jam-free guarantee save you valuable time, it will also save you money and resources.

Boise Paper knows your time, money and resources are of the utmost importance, and we honor that with a 99.99% Jam-Free® Guarantee on all of our Boise POLARIS®, ASPEN and X-9 reams. Still don’t see the significance of jam-free paper? Here are some of the compromises that low-quality paper can bring:

  • Time – Whenever you have to stop the task at hand to resolve a printing issue, the result is lost time. This loss of efficiency may seem small, but if paper jams are a consistent problem, the minutes add up and productivity goes down. With multipurpose paper that is reliable and consistent in a printer, your time will be better spent on productive work, rather than resolving an issue you didn’t plan on tackling in the first place.
  • Money – It may not seem like a lot of money at the time, but if you purchase copy paper that causes printer jams, that is money that could be spent in other beneficial ways for the office. With better performing copy paper, your workplace will run more smoothly and in turn, be less wasteful of essential funds. In addition, frequent paper jams also cause significant wear and tear on equipment. The cumulative effect from multiple jams shortens the life of one of your most costly pieces of equipment.
  • Resources – When a printer jams, sometimes a support or tech service is called in. Printer jams, which often seem like a small issue at first glance, can grow into a larger issue with a big impact – affecting an entire office’s ability to print. As issues progress, additional expertise or assistance are often required to repair equipment. Because printer jams really do start with paper, avoid the issues entirely by utilizing paper with quality you can trust right off the bat.

All in all, the Boise Paper 99.99% Jam-Free® Guarantee ensures that you can count on Boise Paper products to perform in any office equipment, worry-free. You can trust that all Boise Paper products are respectful of your time, money and resources, guaranteed.